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October 6, 2006
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Ameya in Seppengakure by Konekodesu Ameya in Seppengakure by Konekodesu
This is my character Ameya, being bored in her hometown... ^_^

I wasn't sure how to categorize this, since I eventually want to write a doujinshi with her...

Ah well.

I drew this six months ago... and kind of lost interest. It wasn't until earlier this evening that I came back on to Deviant Art and thought, "I really need to post more often..." But I'm such a perfectionist, it's difficult for me to finally decide on what to post. I would never consider any of my art "finished" but I try to get as close as possible.

Anyway, I'm glad I waited so long to finish because this was an extremely difficult drawing.... the scan I took was completely in pencil and I never got the inked version on my computer... but for the past six months I've been messing around with Jasc... I had colored my picture already when I started up again, but now I knew about layers and affects and textures, etc... I did everything then the hard way... I had no idea how to use layers. *shudders* I was in tears trying to figure out how to get the reflection on the floor without ruining the whole thing.

Anyway. Please full view! ^_~
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i-like-sushi Feb 21, 2008
the coloring is simply stunning.
Thank you so much! :D
Love the details!! :D
I look back now and all I see are things I could have done better, and it's nice to still hear a compliment about it. So thank you! :D
Oo how very pretty! Nicer looking in the smaller version cos when I zoom up I can see pixels and the smudge tool! haha! Nice detail tho, and love the reflection :P you should practice inking with a pen so you don't have those lineart dots all over the place, how did you do the pattern on her skirt? Looks cool :P

I was praying people I watched would never have the curiosity to check out my drawings, I know my stuff is about as raw as it gets...

I started off with a very detailed pencil drawing [link] and this is only my second drawing to *ever* use layers... (I adjusted the color depth to 2 colors and made it into a horrible kind of line art... pixilated, choppy...) The original's better, isn't it? This is also before I had my lovely tracing table, and inking something this detailed horrified me, and I had just discovered the joys of Paintshop Pro. And felt I should share my discovery with the world. I apologize world. I'll get better I swear! XD

The skirt was me very carefully going over the black pattern I had originally done in pencil with the gold brush... after I reduced the color depth. It was on the actual line art before I merged the image. I don't know what I was doing.............. :P

But thank you. :heart: I'm still kinda proud of it, since I learned a lot when working on it. :D
well it's all about the learning! :love: your pencil sketch is pretty :P Yea just takes practice in photoshop :P YOOOOU can dooo it! :love:
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