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December 3, 2006
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Portrait of Luffy by Konekodesu Portrait of Luffy by Konekodesu
When I tried to resize the image, something weird happened to the hat... so I decided to leave it as this unusually large file... hee... <_<

Anyway, this is the hardest thing I have worked on since my Ameya/Angel pic in my gallery, and it took soooooo long to do (several weeks, working one or two hours at a time-- if not longer)... it's also the most realistic I have ever colored in a PSP program---

I am sure that this picture will go down in my artistic history as something I am embarassed of because of it's obvious flaws, but, as of now, it's the best I could do given my lack of talent (and the fact that anything to do with PSP to this point has been self taught). >_<

I did do my best, so I will be proud of it, dammit! TT_TT

I want to give due credit to iDNAR as well, since he/she is awesome... and they provided me with a tutorial and some reference... but I ended up not really using it anyway. ^_^;
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vincentuchiha Sep 25, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
really good, great job:D
Thank you so much! :D
vincentuchiha Oct 2, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
your so welcome^_^
Wow, it looks really nice.

I love how you color the skin. Your really talented and you should be proud about it!! :D
Thanks, it's another one of those that I see what could be better and I'm embarassed about now. But thank you! It *was* really hard and my most complex to date. So I'm proud of it because it was a learning experience. :D
Yep, you should be proud.

Your still learning and still have room for improvement, so its all cool. ^_^
irenukia May 6, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He looks so cute!!! That's some gorgeous Luffy you drew here!

I really love the colors you chose for his skin! His mouth is sooo beautiful!

I wanted to draw a realistic Luffy, but after seeing the competence... i give up before starting :faint:

Great job :heart:
Celestial-SeraphiMan Feb 12, 2007   Writer
Shouldn't he look goofier? He's from One Piece after all.

But seriously, this is nice work.
Ah, thank you! I was just practice realistic-ish-ness with PSP more than anything... so he's sort of more based off of a realish Luffy then actually the Luffy we all know and love. ^^; In sort of my own style, not Eiichiro Oda's style. My own style... inspired by , whom I look up to immensely.
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